Since the 80’s thousands of manure silos were built in the Netherlands. In there, the manure of the farm animals was stored.

The apartments are built in such a former manure silo, and no, you don’t smell it anymore! We have thoroughly cleaned end rebuilt them. A silo is an unusual construction: completely round. We made two apartments, each for two people, with a light and homey interior. We hope you can use this quiet place for the best vacations in Drenthe and the Netherlands.

In the apartments:
• Shower
• Toilet
• Fully furnished kitchen with oven and dishwasher
• A quality double bed for a good night’s sleep
• Living area with a couch and TV
• Dining table
• Free Wi-Fi
• Private terrace and lawn with view of the farmlands
• Private parking place

Energy neutral
The Silo has underfloor heating and is well insulated. By means of solar panels and a wood gasifier that we burn on wood from our yard or from the environment, the Silo is supplied with electricity, hot water and underfloor heating.