Welcome to Silo 161

A unique experience on the countryside of Drenthe. In the former manure silo by our old thatched farmhouse from 1910 we build two two-person apartments. From the silo and it’s attached terrace there is a view of endless pastures and farmlands. Both apartments also have a private lawn, where you can enjoy the open space. In short: in our silo you can truly enjoy the outdoors in Drenthe, where everything slows down.

Our farmhouse lies on a 7 kilometer long old farmland road: the Dokter Larijweg. This road is the longest orchard in the world. By the side of the road are about 1300 pear trees. All different types of pears that are to be stewed before eating. In the spring we enjoy the blossoming of the trees and in the fall the delicious stewed pears.